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  • Hot Runner Molds
    Hot runner molds should be considered whenever gating flexibility,cycle efficiency,and material efficiency are important. In a hot system,the feed system is encased in a heated channel so that the plastic remains molten during the molding process..Since the...
    July 7,2019
  • Mold Base Selection
    After the core and cavity inserts have been initially sized,the mold layout can be further developed and the mold base selected,It is critical to order a mold with appropriately sized plates and materials,since any mistakes in the mols base selection can consume significant time and expense,To determine the appropriate size,the mold designer must first arrange the mold cavities and provide allowances for the...
    July 7,2019
  • What Is Standard Runner Sizes
    When designing the feed system for cold runner molds,the mold designer should specify runner diameters that are machined with readily available cutting...
    July 7,2019
  • Insert Molds
    Insert molding refers to a process in which a discreet component is placed within a mold,and then at least partially encapsulated by the subsequently injected plastic ...
    July 7,2019
  • Xingyi Mould
    Xingyi Mould
    Xingyi MOULD is a professional manufacturer, which focus on plastic injection mould for almost 17 years. We can supply all kinds of plastic mould to satisfy your requirements. We are here waiting for your feedback and comments.
    July 1,2019
  • High Quality Preform Mould
    High Quality Preform Mould
    Xingyi Mould has made preform moulds for more than 17 years, and through the rich experience from long-time preform mould manufacturing, SinoMould has established a complete set system of perfect preform mould structure and quality to ensure the long mould life and precision preform sizes.
    July 1,2019
  • Company Profile
    Company Profile
    Xingyi company is in business of plastic injection mold since 2002, and Xingyi has its own manufacturing plant in Dongguan. Our services include plastic injection molding, mold design, rapid prototyping, CNC machining, Rubber molding, Assembly, Silicone mold and product , etc. Our products covers many fields like electronic, household appliance, medical, communication, automotive, sports equipment, etc.
    May 25,2019
  • Xingyi mould professional services
    Xingyi mould professional services
    From pre-sales to after-sales, providing a full range of professional services to you.
    According to your requirements, providing the best technology solutions and technical advice.
    Training professional and technical personnel for you.
    Coming to your side and relieve your worries in the shortest time.
    May 25,2019
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